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Household Bleach

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Usage Areas and Features:

It allows you to keep the hygiene level at the highest point in areas open to heavy human use such as businesses, schools, hospitals, hotels, restaurants. It prevents limescale formation and provides shine. It is used for cleaning, bleaching and hygiene of all washable surfaces and floors.

It is suitable for use in bathrooms, kitchens and all public areas.


Kullanım Şekli ve Miktarı:

Mutfak ve Lavabolarda; döktükten sonra 5 dk bekleyin, fırça veya bez yardımı ile yayarak köpürtün ve bol su ile durulayın.

Sulandırarak kullanım: Yerler ve geniş yüzeylerde 5 lt suya 120 ml ekleyin.

Aşırı kirli durumlarda bu miktarlar yükseltilebilir.

Ev ve işyerlerinin genel temizliğinin yanında elde ve makinede çamaşır yıkarken de kullanılabilir.

Conditions to be Considered:

Please do read the instructions for use carefully.

Do not allow contact with metal surfaces for a long time.

In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water.

Do not put drinking water or food in empty containers.

In case of swallowing, call UZEM phone No 114.


WARNING: Do not perform any test by mixing it with any other chemical!
The damage from the reaction can be very serious.
Our company may not be held responsible otherwise.

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