• Drain Opener (Manhole Opener)
  • Drain Opener (Manhole Opener)
  • Drain Opener (Manhole Opener)
  • Drain Opener (Manhole Opener)
  • Drain Opener (Manhole Opener)

Drain Opener (Manhole Opener)

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Usage Areas and Features:

It is a practical problem-solving product used to open clogged drains.

It completely dissolves organic wastes such as dirt, oil, toilet paper, tampons, cigarette butts, etc., which cause clogging in the discharge pipes.

It does not harm plastic, lead, copper, steel, 304 [stainless steel] and PVC drain systems.

Thanks to the slippery layer it forms while breaking up solid fats, it prevents the reformation of solid fat.


Form of Use and Quantity:

The water accumulated in the discharge pipes is discharged as much as possible.

After pouring the product over the drains and waiting for 2-3 minutes, plenty of cold water is poured.

The same process is applied again for better results.

Especially if there is more than one clogged drain in bathrooms, better results are obtained when first applied to the sink, then the shower, and lastly the toilet.


Kullanım Şekli ve Miktarı:

Tahliye borularında birikmiş olan su mümkün olduğunca boşaltılır.

Ürünü giderlerin üstünden döküp 2-3 dk. bekledikten sonra bol miktarda soğuk su dökülür.

Daha iyi sonuç almak için aynı işlem tekrar uygulanır.

Özellikle banyolarda birden fazla tıkanık gider var ise, önce lavabo daha sonra duş, en son klozete uygulandığında daha iyi sonuç alınır.

Conditions to be Considered:

Please do read the instructions for use carefully.

Before use, open windows, vents and avoid breathing the product.

Keep locked up and out of the reach of children.

Avoid contact with eyes.

Do not put drinking water or food in empty containers.

In case of swallowing, call UZEM phone No 114.


WARNING: Do not perform any test by mixing it with any other chemical! The damage from the reaction can be very serious. Our company may not be held responsible otherwise.

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