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Concrete Remover

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Usage Areas and Features:

It is produced to clean difficult concrete, mortar, lime residues and organic deposits.

It is versatile. It is both a cleaner and a scale remover.

It is used in the preparation of floors before painting and coating application. Renews aged stone surfaces. It breaks up the rust on the surfaces and removes it. It removes the condensation and other organic deposits formed on the roofs. Ideal for cleaning heavily soiled concrete surfaces. It is a concentrated product. It is extremely economical as it is diluted with water at a high rate.

Form of Use and Quantity:

It is a concentrated product, and used by diluting. It is diluted with water at the rate of 1/5-1/10.

The product is added to the water to be diluted (Do not add water to the product).

The product is applied to the floor. It is expected that the dirt will rise and the floor will spue the dirt. Then the floor shall be rinsed.





Kullanım Şekli ve Miktarı:

Konsantre bir üründür, sulandırılarak kullanılır.   1/5-1/10 oranında su ile seyreltilir.

Ürün seyreltilecek suyun içine eklenir (Ürünün içine su eklemeyiniz).

Ürün zemine uygulanır. Kirin kabarması ve zeminin kiri kusması beklenir. Ardından zemin durulanır.

Conditions to be Considered:

Keep out of reach of children.                

Avoid contact with eyes.               

Do not expose to direct sunlight.

In case of swallowing, call UZEM phone No 114.


WARNING: Do not perform any test by mixing it with any other chemical! The damage from the reaction can be very serious. Our company may not be held responsible otherwise.

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