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Oil Remover

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Usage Areas and Features:

A product suitable for use in all areas where heavy oils and dirt are present.

Suitable for use in areas such as ovens, oven pans, burnt oils, tar, soot residues, chimney smoke, hoods, automobile factories, mechanical services.

It penetrates, loosens and dissolves burnt and oil residues very strongly.

It is ensured that all residues flow from the surface by rinsing.

It does not leave any unpleasant odor and residue, it is not flammable. Applied with hot and cold water.


Form of Use and Quantity:

Apply with a brush or sprayer on cold surfaces, then wait, rinse or wipe with a wet cloth.

Spray on hot surfaces and rinse with water.

When applied with hot water, better results are obtained in use as the dirt will be loosened more easily.



Kullanım Şekli ve Miktarı:

Soğuk yüzeylerde fırça veya püskürtücü ile uygulayın bekleyin durulayın veya ıslak bez ile silin.

Sıcak yüzeylerde püskürtüp su ile durulayın.

Sıcak su ile uygulandığında kirler daha rahat gevşeyeceğinden kullanımda daha iyi sonuç alınır.

Conditions to be Considered:

Please do read the instructions for use carefully.

Avoid prolonged contact of hands in order to protect the skin.

Keep away from food and out of reach of children.

Do not use for cleaning hands, face, body and foodstuffs.

Irritating to eyes.

In case of swallowing, call UZEM phone No 114.


WARNING: Do not perform any test by mixing it with any other chemical!

The damage from the reaction can be very serious. Our company may not be held responsible otherwise.

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