Every new year is a hope.


It is our hope that 2022 will bring love, peace and tolerance to the world. We wish you a year in which brotherhood, friendship and solidarity are at the highest levels and we wish you a year full of hope.


We are experiencing the joy of the new year with new hopes and new excitements, even if we are sad due to the difficult conditions we are in due to the Covid-19 epidemic, which still continues to affect the world and in our country. Our only desire is to get rid of this disaster as soon as possible and with the least damage in the new year.


I inherited honesty and hard work from my parents. I have always worked with determination to create a reliable and reputable company culture with the principles I have acquired in this direction. I have always stood by my employees and together we have formed a successful team with integrity.


Firms grow and institutionalize with strategy. The only strategy I implemented was to respect the product I produced and to do the best.


Our point of view is clear for our customers, whom we always consider as our business partners. Our goal is not to win, but to always be preferred. Nova Group family has achieved its goal by developing economic and technical products in this direction and has become a successful company. We will always continue to find solutions and produce new products to contribute to the success of our customers with our R&D studies.